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Journey of Vincent Hachez


Since I was 10 years old, I wanted to work abroad, Vincent Hachez

1984 Mr. Vincent Hachez, the Founder and Managing Director of AMI Worldwide Group, started his career in 1984 in the shipping industry where he spent 16 years in the CMB Shipping Company.

1989 In 1989 Vincent relocated to India as the shipping line representative for CMB.

1995 The next country he relocated to was Egypt, in 1995, where Vincent spent another two years before finally relocating to Dubai.

1997 This move was to change his life. While still working with CMB, Vincent established AMI Middle East in 1997.

2000 He then, on the 1st of January 2000, along with three partners, took over the AMI group of companies and established AMI Worldwide in UAE, India and Africa. His focus was now to position AMI as a key Freight Forwarder and Logistics company, drawing on his rich shipping line experience and contacts. He understood that Africa would be the key in the strategic development of the Group and he quickly developed a strong network in Africa.

Vincent’s passions are cars along with tennis and reading political and historical literature. Apart from hobbies and work, the priority for Vincent is his big and caring family. Both his sons, Anthony and Amaury, are part of AMI, strengthening the development and future of AMI through the continuation of the family tradition and leadership. It is also expected that Vincent’s daughter, Chloe will join AMI in the near future, further strengthening the family tradition in AMI.. It is clear that Logistics is in the blood of the Hachez family for generations.

Vincent has been travelling a lot. He has visited almost every continent, various countries and a large number of cities… Childhood dreams of travelling the world came true!
Being an entrepreneur made Vincent a very approachable and social person, with a kind heart and impatient character!  Most of all, Vincent likes his “adventurous” life full of risk and opportunities, and his motto is that success can only be created by re-creating ourselves daily and extend the boundaries to challenge ourselves and create more chances and opportunities in life and business.

“Growing business is a process of constantly reinventing oneself, one day at a time, every day..”

Mr. Vincent Hachez

AMI Worldwide